Conference Materials

UWWA Learning Conference Materials

Over 130 United Way professionals and volunteers representing 23 local United Ways from Washington, Oregon and Idaho met for two days in Mason County to network and learn about advancing the United Way mission.  Below please find materials from some of these sessions.

Power Point Files

Introduction to United Way Business Model (1 mb)

Risk Management through Organizational Governance, Network Citizenship and Collaboration (3.6 mb)

Relationship Management (1.5 mb)


COMMUNITY IMPACT PLAN Goals for the Common Good The United Way Challenge to Pickens County United Way of Pickens County (500 kb)


Connecting Program Outcome Measurement to Community Impact

How Program Outcome Measurement Contributes to Community Impact

Harwood Institute Tools & Resources

Common Good Forecaster

Redefining Agency Relations for Community Impact

How Agencies May Contribute to Community Change Strategies