2015 Washington State Policy Agenda

United Ways of Washington


(Approved by UWWA Board of Directors 8/14/2014)

United Ways of Washington (UWWA) is the statewide association for 23 of Washington’s local United Ways.  United Ways in Washington State are committed to improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good in the areas of education, income and health.  United Ways of Washington and local United Ways believe that to keep our communities strong, we need to prioritize services to help vulnerable populations, notably children and seniors.

Education Goal & Supporting Policy Asks:

Aspiration: Cut by half the number of young people who drop out of high school

Goal: Create comprehensive cradle to career education system

  • Ask: Establish a comprehensive definition of basic education that includes the early years.
  • Ask: Implement breakfast after the bell for high poverty schools in Washington State.
  • Ask: Continued investments in quality early learning programs are necessary particularly in increased access to ECEAP, quality child care, home visiting, and expansion of WaKIDS.
  • Ask: Implement a comprehensive statewide literacy program that ensures all children are able to achieve early (0-5) literacy and language skills.
  • Ask: Continue to incentivize school districts & community partners to identify students at risk of dropping out and provide those students with tailored school, family and community supports.

Financial Stability Goal & Supporting Policy Asks:

Aspiration: Cut by half the number of lower-income families that lack financial stability

Goal: Families have the tools to become financially stable.

  • Ask: Support policies and programs that provide low income people access to affordable financial products
  • Ask: Oppose all predatory loan products that disproportionately affect low income families

Health Goal & Supporting Policy Asks:

Aspiration: Increase by one third the number of youths and adults who are healthy and avoid risky behaviors.

Goal: Families have access to high quality health and wellness resources.

  • Ask: Increase statewide emphasis on wellness, incorporating population level prevention programing that promotes health of body and mind
  • Ask: Increase access to primary, dental and mental health care services and chemical dependency treatment for underserved populations

System Capacity Goal & Supporting Policy Asks:

Aspiration: Increase safety net support for families  

Goal: Increase community capacity to connect people with resources available to them.

  • Ask: Promote collective impact through partnerships between public, private and nonprofit sectors
  • Ask: Support an adequate statewide 211 system
  • Ask: Increase community capacity to recruit, manage and support volunteerism i.e. volunteer centers

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