United Ways of Pacific Northwest Strategic Framework

Our Mission

To advance the common good throughout the Pacific Northwest by enhancing the individual and collective ability of member United Ways to impact their communities and collaborate on regional and statewide issues.

Our Vision

United Ways in the Pacific Northwest will increase their ability both to impact their local communities and collaborate effectively on regional and statewide issues. Working together we will create opportunities for a better life for all.

Our Key Characteristics

Community Voices Individually and collectively, United Ways are a strong unified voiceadvocating for their communities.

Shared Learning The state association facilitates United Wayslearning, planning andsuccess.

Respect The state association respects member United Wayspriorities including servingour own communities first and maintaining strong relationships with our key constituents.Working collaboratively, United Ways of Washington leverages local relationships for regionalor statewide action.

Collaboration It takes whole communities working together to achieve long-term lastingchange and advance the common good.

Networking and Relationships Our greatest asset is our ability to build effective networksand relationships, mobilizing people and organizations.

Integrity We are known for our integrity and commitment to improving our communities. Withevery action we earn the trust of our members and partners.

Accountability We hold ourselves accountable for achieving results with the resourcesentrusted to us.

Inspiring We work to demonstrate how the very best in people and communities adds up toa force for positive change.

Common Agenda We acknowledge that people and communities differ in character, beliefsand values. As local United Ways and as an Association we continuously strive to be a placewhere people and institutions forge a shared understanding and vision for the common good.